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About Donna

I was born in Oldham and currently resides in Hyde within the Tameside area. I wish to help the local community overcome every day obstacles caused due to stress, anxiety or their personal addictons.

My interest in Hypnotherapy came about after experiencing anxiety and depression. Medication seemed to be the GP's solution but I found that natural remedies and therapy had a greater impact on my person.

I applied for a taster session with Innervision for Hypnosis in Sheffield with Neil Woods (tutor and mentor) and found a new interest and an overwhelming need to be able to help and facilitate with people's lives who are experiencing difficult times for whatever reason.

I went on to complete the course and became a qualified hypnotherapist. I have a passion and drive when it comes to helping others overcome weight loss, fears, phobias, anxiety and depression.

I have an infectious and energetic personality, whilst having the ability to show compassion and empathy on a professional level. Each client is treated in the strictest of confidence, whilst therapy will be tailored based on individual needs and requirements.

I am also registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, which governs high standards within the Hypnotherapy profession.

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